Startup Term Starts Up!

March 27th, 2015

Today was the first day of Startup Term, a new computer science and business program out of Knox College happening during the spring of 2015. The 16 students (myself included) have been meeting together since the fall, chattering about how we could take on something bigger than anything else we've worked on before.

The goal is to build a successful product in one term — ten weeks. In only ten weeks we have to have something ready and presentable to a panel of judges. In only ten weeks we have to have a highly refined marketing strategy, finance plan, and product implementation.

Can we do it? I think so.

Matt, our business guru, has worked at 1871, a Chicago startup incubator, and owns his own business. Nate, our designer, handles the design work for many organizations on campus and has studied at RISD. Michael, our programmer, comes to us from the world of robotics and has participated in more than a few tournaments. I'm the other programmer, and I've had several successful internships and freelance gigs.

There's no question that the team can build something great. With the help of the professors and the other teams around us, I'm confident that we'll learn a lot, too.

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